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Official Soccer Rules for Yellow Cards: You Must Know

In soccer, you can only get two yellow cards in one game. If you get two yellow cards for reckless or unsporting behavior, it results in a red card, and the player is sent off the field. Normally, when a player gets the first yellow card, they will not slide into tackles and be more cautious to prevent being sent off.

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Yellow Cards 2.4 A Yellow Card is issued for a minor infringement of the Laws of the Game and is a warning from the Referee to a Player during a Match to sanction unsporting behaviour of a less serious nature. 2.5 A Yellow Card is issued by the Referee for the following cautionable offences specified at Law 12 of the Laws of the Game:

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Soccer US politics ... and the first yellow card of the night is brandished. Facebook Twitter. 5.49am EST 05:49. ... Producing a quality final ball continues to be Australia’s problem.

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Yellow card = 10 points; Red card = 25 points. If a player is shown a yellow card and subsequently sent off this counts as 35 points. The maximum booking points a single player can receive in one match is 35 points. The team that gets the most Card Index points during the match during regular time is deemed the winner.

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c) Any Yellow Card or Red Card issued during a Match must be identified by the Match Official on the official Team Sheet, including the name and number of the Player, the type of infringement by reference to the codes in section 10.1 and section 10.5 and the time the

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A player who receives 2 Yellow Cards is given a Red Card & ejected. FIFA rules do not require a player to leave the field for the first yellow card. However, some leagues' rules do. You must go by your league's rules. Soccer Red Card - A player must be shown a Red Card and "sent off" (i.e., made to leave the field) for the 7 offenses listed below. A player shown a "Red Card" & sent off may not be replaced during that game (i.e., his team must play a player "short" for the rest of the game ...


who is cautioned and shown the yellow card. Serious Infringements –Red Card (Expulsion) Codes R1 is guilty of serious foul play R2 is guilty of violent conduct R3 spits at an opponent or any other person R4 denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball

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EWPA - Yellow Card. EWPA (Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Incorporated) is the peak representative body of the specialised Elevating Work Platform Industry within Australia. Skip to content.

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His idea made football history, and to this day the football yellow card as a warning and the football red card signalling a sending-off are the standard signals for all soccer leagues around the world. In 1991, in one of the last major rule changes, the combined yellow-red card was introduced into the official laws of the game. This was done because previously it hadn’t been entirely clear to viewers if a player had been sent off directly or because of his second offence in a row.