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Basketball Rules - Common Questions and Answers

International (FIBA) and WNBA rules state that teams must submit a 12-man roster to be eligible competitively. In college, there is no set requirement for players on a team, but in Division 1 basketball, each team has roughly 13 scholarships to allocate, and can also accept walk-ons. However, it is important to note that, in regulation basketball games, a team can only have, at most, five (5) players on the court at any one time.

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From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball . Question by author Arr0w. 5 Situation: Team A is inbounding the ball from the baseline. In an attempt to throw a length of court pass, Team A throws the ball through the opposite baseline. The ball has touched no player, no backboard or rim or even the floor in bounds.

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Basketball Rules Quiz 1. Check all items below that are names of basketball violations. A. Traveling B. Blocking foul C. Grabbing D. 2. A Blocking foul is: A. Preventing the ball from going in the basket. B. Using hands to stop an opponent. C. Getting... 3. Which of the following is an explanation ...

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10 Ridiculously Hard Basketball Rules Questions that only an Expert Referee can answer! A quick format basketball rules quiz for basketball referees. How many of the play scenarios would you get right using National Federation of High School Basketball Rules?

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Basketball Rules Quiz This is the landing page for weekly "round ball" rules questions and answers supplied by State Basketball Rules Interpreter, Al Battista. Quizzes will be posted here during the preseason as well as the regular season for officials to enhance their working knowledge of the current game rules.

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There are different ways for officials to learn the rules of basketball. We find that reviewing play scenarios can make the rules questions more vivid. With ...

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Do you know the basic rules of basketball? Basketball players must know how to do a vertical jump, sprint, agility, bench press, and squat. They need to play more than 80 games each season, which is incredibly challenging and taxing. The main goal is to shoot the basketball through the defender’s hoop.

The 13 Original Rules of Basketball

Original Rules of Basketball. James Naismith, in devising the game of basketball in the winter of 1891-92, came up with a set of 13 rules. These rules, some of which have endured and some of which have faded away, form the backbone of the guidelines shaping basketball today.